Monday, October 27, 2014

Some fun in the Smokies!

Took a quick day trip to the smokies this past weekend. Parked at Trillium Gap, went up LeConte, over the Boulevard Trail to the AT, and ran to Newfound Gap...then came back! about 33 miles total, and the 6+ steady miles of downhill at the end really made quads tender...but no worries...the run was free of piriformis/sciatic pain, for the first time since july! 

it got a bit warm on top of the ridge of the Boulevard trail, but i stayed within the limits balancing the electrolytes with some pumpkin spice FUEL-100s,(dont forget to use the code "JOHNTOLDME" when you order to save some cash money :)) and stayed full of energy thanks to EPIC bison bars! oh, and the fall colors and views were AMAZING!!!! ENJOY!!!!